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Raw Silence

Silence, nature, great food, practice, reflection, rekindling the inner spark of creativity. Welcome to Raw Silence.

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Daily Does It!


Breathe Better and Simply Sitting Short Courses with Mithila

Sound Movement with Mithila and Anna&Martin


Your daily practice through our monthly meetings. Year long Course Programs:

Starting Sadhana Year 1 with Mithila & Crew 2017

This is the Global Starting Sadhana Program for those beyond the Gothenburg boundary


Local Courses in Gothenburg

Starting Sadhana Year 1 with Anna Dahlman 2017

Starting Sadhana Year 1 with Daniel Jarvid 2017 


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Our Space

Posted 2 December

We are rolling around in space, literally. We inhabit spaces we make our home, we spend a great deal of time in our work spaces, we nourish the space we have given to family and friends in our lives, we hold space for our loved ones, we space out at times. Sometimes people in our lives need space and we give it to them even if we miss them deeply. We also need space for ourselves, space between thoughts, breaths, hugs and kisses, the space in our hearts, our lungs, our collective space, public space, intimate space and cyberspace, all merging and moving as one. I recently met someone who loves Outer Space. It is liberating.

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Posted 14 November

As a yoga teacher I hope to share the road map that I have already well travelled and experienced through my daily journeys into Sadhana (daily spiritual practice). I do love to travel. Some of my best travel experiences are on the magic carpet of my meditation mat.

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